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The Calgary Canine Centre is very excited to be distributing this amazing product in Canada. My dogs have only been on it for a short time and are doing great including my soon to be 17 yr old. For more information on this outstanding product or to place an order you can contact us at You can also check out their webpage at: The science behind this product will blow you away! Welcome to the cutting edge of pet nutrition!

5 LB Bag - $74.95 + gst FISH OR PORK



Same proven gut health system, no fish or fish oil so safe for those with fish allergies

Same great Omegas from fermented algae


What is Origins Canine Supplement?

Origins is a premier 5-in-one whole food supplement that adds real nutrition while providing total gut health support to improve overall animal health. This is done by focusing on the genesis of true pet health from a species specific diet mindset.


How is Origins different than others?

Battle tested! Origins canine supplement was designed over 5 years, by our founder, to firstly fix the nutritional gap left by extruded dry pet foods. Then going a step further and addressing total animal health by focusing on gut health optimization and benefiting all feeding strategies including raw. Thus leading to the most advanced all-in-one supplement allowing pets to move past surviving and to start thriving!

How can Origins save you money?

1.     Origins supplement contains real whole food in every serving!  This mean that a ¼ cup of supplement can replace at least ½ cup of dry food. As gut health improves, so will digestive efficiency, which means less food is needed overall to achieve ideal body condition! Simply put, there’s less waste to pick up in the yard!

2.     Healthier dogs require less health care! Vet expenses are the second highest cost of pet ownership. Origins improves total health and helps your pet’s own body to fight off illness.

3.     $0.38 or less a serving for 5 -in-1 health benefit! Origins allows pet owners to use a single premier quality product without the need to supplement with a dozen products to improve pet health. Our formulation and approach gets the results the competition wishes they could.


What’s in a ¼ cup serving of Origins?

Protein - 100% of protein in Origins is sourced from wild caught menhaden from the Gulf of Mexico just off the shores of Louisiana. This is not farm raised, it’s beyond organic! This means the fish eat a natural diet of krill and plankton giving this product an amazing amino profile that is naturally occuring.

●      17 grams of wild whole fish protein - Literally the entire fish!

○      20 amino acids, 15 minerals, 10 vitamins

Fat - 100% of the fat in Origins is from the wild menhaden fish as well. It also contains the most natural profile of fatty acids imaginable. The fat is not chemically concentrated or artificially changed to delivery this concentration. Our pets deserve the most naturally pure form possible!

●      2.9 grams of wild fish oil

○      755mg Omega 3 (EPA,DHA,DPA)

○      30 naturally occuring fatty acids


Can you feed this to puppies?

Real nutrition is not limited to age! Puppies grow and develop amazingly well on Origins supplement. Science shows that early development of a young animal’s intestinal tract with more diverse microbe populations improves immune system function, while providing hearty health later in life. Pet owners and breeders alike love how well balanced their puppies grow while avoiding awkward growth stages and how the overall health is improved versus the past litters.

Learn how to Programming Puppy Health


Can you feed this to pregnant/whelping females?

Real nutrition is not limited to gender! Pregnant females benefit greatly from the highly digestible protein and fat source found in Origins supplement. Together with the improved gut health benefits of Origins, females can produce more volume, higher quality of milk and maintain total body weight.


Can it be used with Raw diets?

Absolutely! Raw fed animals still need gut health support. Origins helps diversify the protein source with our unique wild raised

Menhaden white fish. The added benefits of digestive enzymes in this supplement will help improve raw diet digestibility as well!


How to feed with Raw diets?

Feeding a primary raw diet helps address some of the factors needed for pets to manage good gut health. The directions for feeding

Origins supplement with raw diets should feed ½ of the recommended dosage found on the bag’s feeding chart as a starting point.


Do I still need to add fish oil to my dogs diet?

Save your money! Origins canine supplement has 10% wild fish oil in every serving. The wild fish oil is the purest and natural source found in the USA. If anyone asks, yes it’s better than ORGANIC!


Should I add it to dry food or by itself?

●      Origins is designed to make dry food more digestible and adding it to a dry food is highly recommended.

●      Origins can be feed by itself as a snack or temporary meal, but not to be used as a standalone primary diet.


How to add water to Origins Canine Supplement?

A splash of water works for most uses. Adding water to achieve a paste-like consistency is the ideal consistency to achieve, but you don't need to make it a soup!


What is the shelf life of Origins Canine Supplement?

Origin canine supplement has a 1 year from opening product life span. If you buy bulk, then there is a two year life span if left unopened.


Does it need to be refrigerated?

No, Origins canine supplement doesn't require refrigeration. It’s stable at room temperature and is shipped without the need of cold packs. This product is naturally stable and biologically functional as is.


Do you have to add water?

Water helps and is strongly suggested. Water helps pre-active the digestive enzymes, which will help descale your pet’s teeth as they eat it and then move on to work it’s magic in the stomach. Water also helps to hydrate the probiotics and allow them to survive the stomach acid so they can reach the intestinal tract with they work the best!

Learn Why


What manufacturing certifications does Rogue follow?

Origins Canine Supplement is made in an Organic certified facility with multiple ISO certifications to allow 100% traceability of our product and the ingredients. From there it’s packed in a human grade approved production line that’s monitored by the FDA, additional ISO certifications and regulatory certifications for Canada and Europe.


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